Diversity at Northwood

At Northwood School, we seek to provide our students with opportunities to develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity. In a multicultural and ever increasingly diverse society, we recognise the importance of equipping our students with the knowledge and understanding of the different facets of identity. 

Our bespoke diversity programme contains six strands: 

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
The natural world 

Focus: The environment 
Race and ethnicity [traditional dress and fashion] 

Focus: Race and ethnicity  
Religious and non religious celebration 

Focus: Religion and non religious 
Challenging physical and mental barriers

Focus: Disability and neurodiversity
Gender representation in the media 

Focus: Gender 

Focus: Sexual orientation 

Diversity: What we do to help our students best prepare for in adult life

Over the course of the academic year, our students discuss a range of different diversity topics. Each half term places a spotlight on a specific facet of diversity. 

This programme endeavours to: 

  • Expose misconceptions surrounding race, ethnicity, disability, neurodiversity and gender 
  • Empower students to challenge offensive commentary in articulate and appropriate way 
  • Equip students with the skills to voice their thoughts, opinions and beliefs with conviction and humility  
  • Foster an appreciation of our natural world 
  • Provide all students with a platform to express their identity in a safe and inclusive environment 

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