Northwood School Prospectus

Teaching & Learning 3 At the heart of what enables us to achieve high academic standards is the quality of our teaching. As a well-qualified, passionate and enthusiastic teaching staff, we take great pride in our reputation as high quality practitioners. We have high expectations of our students and plan lessons carefully to ensure that each child, whatever their ability, is appropriately challenged or, where necessary, given support. Clear learning objectives are established for each lesson and student progress towards these is monitored. Students are assessed regularly and receive quality feedback, in the form of feedforward lessons, which enables students to be clear about the next steps in their learning. Over time, the progress of each student, in relation to his or her target bands/ grades, is tracked. Our high ambitions for our students are reflected in the fact that challenging but achievable targets are set. These targets are designed to ensure that each student makes significant progress during their time at Northwood. Where a student is not making expected progress, additional support is put in place to enable them to get back on track. We structure the development of our students’ effectiveness as learners around our ‘recipe’ for successful learning: resilience when completing tasks; full engagement with what is being undertaken; cooperation with others; independence in getting things done; pride in the quality of what is produced, and enthusiasm to gain new knowledge, understanding and skills. In this way, our students are aware of the ingredients that go into making them successful during their time at school. “The quality of teaching and learning is a significant strength of the school.” “Parents are extremely positive about the quality of teaching in the school and the progress that their children are making.” Ofsted