Northwood School Prospectus


Headteachers Welcome 2 “I want to congratulate Northwood School for achieving great results for the students in your school. I want other schools to learn from your good practice.” Sadiq Khan Mayor of London It is my pleasure to invite you to find out what makes Northwood School such a special place. Northwood is a friendly, happy, welcoming school where young people are enabled to make excellent academic progress and develop the knowledge, skills, qualities and values required to lead successful and fulfilling adult lives. As a relatively small secondary school, we are uniquely placed to care for each child as an individual. Our relentless focus on ensuring the highest academic standards has consistently placed us amongst the top 5% of schools in England based on sustained improvement, and our recent examination outcomes place us well above the national averages for student attainment and progress. We are also a member of the Mayor’s Gold Club, a prestigious award for the best schools in London. In addition to providing the highest quality teaching for successful learning in lessons, we are passionate about providing excellent enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom, so that all of our students have a rewarding and enjoyable time with us as they develop their interests and talents. Finally, our wonderfully designed school buildings provide an exceptional learning environment for our school community with excellent facilities both in and out of the classroom. I look forward to welcoming you to Northwood School at some point in the future; in the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading our brochure. Mehul Shah Headteacher “Pupils make exceptional progress in all year groups” “Teachers meet individual pupils’ needs exceptionally well.” “Leaders are meticulous in ensuring that pupils receive superb pastoral care. The supportive climate enables all pupils to feel safe and to flourish.” Ofsted

Teaching & Learning 3 At the heart of what enables us to achieve high academic standards is the quality of our teaching. As a well-qualified, passionate and enthusiastic teaching staff, we take great pride in our reputation as high quality practitioners. We have high expectations of our students and plan lessons carefully to ensure that each child, whatever their ability, is appropriately challenged or, where necessary, given support. Clear learning objectives are established for each lesson and student progress towards these is monitored. Students are assessed regularly and receive quality feedback, in the form of feedforward lessons, which enables students to be clear about the next steps in their learning. Over time, the progress of each student, in relation to his or her target bands/ grades, is tracked. Our high ambitions for our students are reflected in the fact that challenging but achievable targets are set. These targets are designed to ensure that each student makes significant progress during their time at Northwood. Where a student is not making expected progress, additional support is put in place to enable them to get back on track. We structure the development of our students’ effectiveness as learners around our ‘recipe’ for successful learning: resilience when completing tasks; full engagement with what is being undertaken; cooperation with others; independence in getting things done; pride in the quality of what is produced, and enthusiasm to gain new knowledge, understanding and skills. In this way, our students are aware of the ingredients that go into making them successful during their time at school. “The quality of teaching and learning is a significant strength of the school.” “Parents are extremely positive about the quality of teaching in the school and the progress that their children are making.” Ofsted

Care, Guidance & Support We value our reputation as an exceptionally caring school where each child is looked after as an individual. We operate highly effective transition arrangements to ensure a smooth and successful transition to secondary education, in terms of both academic progress and pastoral care. Students are placed into form groups who register each morning with their respective form tutors who take responsibility for overseeing the personal development and well-being. Form tutors act as the first point of contact for parents. Tutors typically remain with the same form each year. A strong relationship with parents is vitally important to us. Ofsted rated the quality of our partnerships with parents as ‘outstanding’. Attainment reports are issued several times a year enabling students (and their parents) to be clear about current progress. Students attend oneto-one meetings to discuss their reports, with their tutors in Years 7 and 8 then with members of the Leadership Group in later years. As students build towards their Key Stage 4 and 5 examinations they are supported by mentors, either from within the school staff or from our employer partners. A comprehensive ‘next steps’ programme is implemented at key times during a student’s school journey: in Year 9 in relation to Key Stage 4 option choices, in Year 11 in relation to post-16 education and training opportunities, and throughout Years 12 and 13. Student relationships are excellent at Northwood, both within and across year groups. Students are supportive of each other and there is a real sense of community. A number of our students are trained peer supporters who actively look out for the welfare of others. We maintain our positive ethos with robust anti-bullying practices that ensure our students feel safe and secure and are fully confident in both seeking assistance and knowing that any concerns will be dealt with. 4 “The promotion of British Values, for example of tolerance, respect and democracy, is integral to the work of the school and a powerful force underpinning its culture and daily life.” Ofsted “Leaders’ work to safeguard and care for pupils is exceptional.” Ofsted

5 “Pupils conduct themselves in an exemplary manner in lessons, in corridors and around the school. They are thoughtful towards each other, respectful of their teachers and unfailingly polite to visitors.” Parent Behaviour & Discipline Our Behaviour for Learning Policy is underpinned by a very clear principle: that we provide, in every classroom throughout every day, the optimum learning environment where every student is focused on what Northwood School is all about - good learning. We adopt a traditional stance on discipline and are intolerant of any form of disruptive behaviour in class. Students are very clear about expectations and consequences, and teachers are consistent in their approach. Underpinning this is the fact that teachers are highly effective at establishing positive relationships in their classrooms, which students value and respond well to. ‘Firm, friendly, fair’ is our mantra - and it works! We also have high expectations with regards to how our students present themselves and insist on full compliance with our uniform regulations. Students are encouraged to participate in the wider life of the school and to get actively involved in the running of various activities. This contributes to a very healthy ethos around the school, high levels of enjoyment and excellent student maturity. We operate a merit system, primarily focused on recognising good effort and attitude, which is popular with students. Individuals’ successes in a whole variety of areas are celebrated in regular celebration assemblies, where certificates, medals and prizes are awarded.

The Curriculum 6 “The curriculum is well planned and provides pupils with a very firm foundation for the next stage of their education. The majority of pupils in Key Stage 4 follow a challenging GCSE curriculum, which prepares them well for advanced level study.” Ofsted Key Stage 3 Our Key Stage 3 Curriculum (Years 7 to 9) provides a broad and balanced foundation for students to ensure that they are well-prepared for a successful Key Stage 4 in Years 10 and 11. Particular emphasis is given to the development of strong literacy skills at Key Stage 3. The school’s literacy provision is highly effective at enabling students to make good progress with their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, which are absolutely essential to engaging with the Key Stage 4 curriculum in whichever subject. Students’ reading and writing levels are assessed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 and intensive additional support is provided to accelerate progress where necessary. A programme of personal, social, health and citizenship education is undertaken by all year groups on a weekly basis. Key Stage 4 The majority of Northwood students undertake the “English Baccalaureate” which comprises GCSEs in English, Mathematics, Science, the Humanities and a Modern Foreign Language. For the small number of students for whom the English Baccalaureate is not suitable, additional Maths and English lessons are provided as well as vocational learning opportunities. A wide range of optional subjects, including practical skills courses as well as academic courses, are offered. Students choose from this range following a comprehensive option process mid-way through Year 9. Careers education and guidance and work-related learning take greater prominence at Key Stage 4. We invest in independent advice for the students to ensure that they are fully informed about opportunities beyond Year 11 and implement a programme to develop our students’ employability skills, guided by our employer partners. Key Stage 5 Our Sixth Form focuses on academic excellence and preparing students for university education and degree level apprenticeships. Our highly-skilled teachers deliver a wide range of A-level to suit all interests and students are supported through skilled pastoral care. The Northwood Diploma Alongside their academic study, all students complete the Northwood Diploma throughout year 12. This offers students a wealth of enrichment experiences which develop their independence and resilience. Crucially it allows them to acquire skills which they will need beyond the classroom and in the world of work. The diploma is made up of four strands: • Community Service (volunteering, prefect duties, running clubs/enrichment etc) • Intellectual Curiosity (wider reading, lectures, Future Learn Courses etc) • Work Experience/career preparation (work, university trips, summer courses etc) • Extra curricular activities (sports, debate, film, drama, book club or any other extra-curricular pursuit) We have strong links with top universities and students receive comprehensive guidance on the UCAS process. In addition, we run a preparation pathway for our potential Oxbridge students. Teaching in the sixth form is highly effective. Students respond with enthusiasm to the high levels of challenge. Teachers give students incisive and well-targeted feedback on their work.” Ofsted

Extra Curricular Opportunities 7 We provide our students with a vast range of enriching opportunities beyond the classroom to not only make their time at school more enjoyable but also develop their personal interests and talents. For a physical challenge, there are opportunities to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme or the World Challenge expedition; for those with an interest in drama, School productions offers students the chance to perform on a professional stage; and for keen sportsmen and women we are blessed by having staff who have played sport at a national level. We arrange a large number of school trips, each of which has a different aim. Some of these are related to subjects or examination courses; others are of a social nature. Many of these are day trips but some are residential visits which add another dimension to learning by their contribution to personal and social development. We run very successful trips overseas including sports tours and ski trips. We believe that, with the range of clubs (both sporting and non-sporting), cultural visits and school trips on offer, we have something for everyone. “Pupils relish the opportunities to make a positive contribution to school life. For example, they willingly lead fundraising and charitable events.” Ofsted “The extra-curricular programme is extensive and highly valued by pupils.” Ofsted

Northwood School | Pinner Road Northwood | HA6 1QN | 01923 836363 We are delighted to offer tours of the school for prospective students and their parents. Please telephone the school on 01923 836363 to arrange a mutually convenient time.