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All schools receive additional income called the Pupil Premium.

This money is allocated by the Government to help schools support children from low income families and children in care. The amount of additional funding schools receive is based on the number of children who are entitled to receive free school meals (FSM)* or are looked after children (CLA). (* since September 2012 this includes children who have received free school meals any time over the past six years).  Nationally, FSM pupils and looked after children achieve less compared to other students.  Pupil Premium money has been given to help schools narrow the gap.

2018- 2019 pupil premium funding


How we have spent the money?

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Review of Expenditure  2017/2018 

What is the profile of disadvantaged students at Northwood School?

The table and graph below shows the % of disadvantaged students there are in Northwood School broken down by year group.

Year Group Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
PP 24% 29% 25% 27% 33%
Non PP 76% 71% 75% 73%


What funding does Northwood School receive for disadvantaged students?

How much do we receive? 

2016/2017 2017/2018
Number of students 142 172
£Total £132,770 £160,820

The funding has been used in a number of ways at Northwood School to diminish differences and support attainment of our Pupil Premium students. This is summarised below: 

What did Northwood School spend money on during the academic year 

  • Additional teaching groups to reduce class sizes
  • Employ Lead practitioner in Science
  • Additional resources for departments
  • Subscription to SISRA
  • Show My Homework subscription
  • Holiday and weekend intervention
  • External mentoring / coaching - Diamond Education
  • Student well-being room created
  • Intervention tutors for English /Maths /Languages 
  • Counselling for students with mental health issues
  • Youth worker on site 3 days a week
  • Additional LSA / EAL teacher hours
  • Creation of inclusion supervisor role
  • Careers Advisor and various careers events throughout the year
  • Additional Chromebooks
  • Behaviourwatch system to record rewards / sanctions
  • Brilliant club - a mentoring programme that is designed to increase access to top universities for outstanding students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Financial support for educational trips
  • Challenge the gap programme - including 1.1 mentoring and leading whole school strategies to improve quality of teaching and interventions for Pupil Premium students
  • Future Frontiers Programme - Motivates and give clear aspirations from external coaches to Pupil Premium students

What has the impact of our Pupil Premium expenditure been so far?

Quality support is given to FSM/PP students to ensure that they are enabled to achieve outcomes which reflect their ability.

  • All FSM/PP students are well supported on a daily basis in school. They are given a very high focus at transition points, e.g. Year 6 to 7 interviews/visits, making choices in Year 9 and applying for 6th form study places. They are also very well supported in the run-up to public examinations. We ensure excellent attendance of disadvantaged students for all examinations. Heads of Year work very closely with families to ensure that all students/parents know when key events are happening.
  • Our FSM/Pupil Premium students continue to achieve excellent results and to make good progress. The table below summarises the outcomes of Disadvantaged students against Non Disadvantaged students from provisional 2017/2018 results.
Group Nos of students Progress 8 Attainment 8  9*-5 Eng and Maths      9*-4 Eng and Maths EBacc % Strong EBacc % Standard
All 75 0.66 53.31 44 65 31.6 48.7
Non-Disadvantaged 40 0.66 53.25 49 71.4 30.6 49
Disadvantaged 25 0.66 47 34.66 57.6 19.2 34.6
Attainment & progess for disadvantaged students - click here to view

 Catch up Premium Analysis 2018-19

In 2018-2019, Northwood School was allocated £14336 in funding as part of the Year 7 Catch Up initiative. The Year 7 Catch Up Premium is additional funding for pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in their Key Stage 2 SATs in either English or maths.  

Details of how 2018–2019 catch up premium was spent

  • Small group tuition in English/maths by experienced primary trained teachers
  • Additional LSA employed to support in English and maths
  • Additional resources - e.g subscription to Times Tables Rockstars; Hegarty maths

Students also received one to one reading support throughout the year with trained volunteers at no additional cost.

The number of Year 7 students entitled to the Year 7 Catch Up Premium as they did not achieve expected standard in English and / or maths:

  • 42 students who did not achieve the expected level in maths
  • 34 students who did not achieve the expected level English 

Details of how it made a difference to the attainment of pupils who attract the funding

The table below summarises the progress that has been made by the pupils

English  Maths
Greater than expected progress 26 students 29 students
Expected progress 8 students 11 students
Below expected progress 0 students 2 students