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From September 2014 the Department for Education (DfE) made significant changes to the way in which schools assess the attainment and progress of students. The level descriptors at Key Stage 3 which were used to assess a student’s attainment have been removed from the National Curriculum and will not be replaced.

What system will Northwood use?
Northwood has responded to this by replacing the DfE’s level descriptors with a system which is based upon the mastery of development in relation to skills, knowledge, understanding and abilities required by students for success at GCSE level and beyond.  

How does the model look? 

KS2 Levels

Minimum Achievement Band at KS3

Expected GCSE Achievement (Current grading system)

 New grading system






Intermediate Advanced











2 and below


D - E

3 - 4

How does the system work?
If a student joins Northwood with an average Key Stage 2 National Curriculum outcome of 4, this would place them in the ‘Intermediate’ band as a starting point.  Each year, the student would be expected to make progress according to the requirements of this band as a minimum.  At this rate of progress, throughout Key Stage 3, the student should then be aiming to achieve a GCSE Grade B, or, for your child who will receive qualifications under the new grading system, a point 6 in the subjects they are studying.  

Please be assured that the targets set for students within this system are in no way restrictive and students are free to drive themselves to exceed the targets set for them and achieve more than expected progress throughout Key Stage 3.

How will the system be implemented?
In the first instance, we are looking to implement this new system in English and maths with the view to expanding further as students gain confidence in how the system supports in their progress.  

Students have been informed via assemblies of this change and teaching staff are reinforcing students’ understanding of the new system in lessons.

There will be further information in due course, but should you like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 


Key Performance Indicators

  • Progress 8 – this is a measure of how well students with the same starting point at KS2 perform in comparison to other students with the same KS2 starting point across their best 8 subjects
  • Attainment 8 – this is the average grade that students will have achieved across their best 8 subjects
  • Percentage of students achieving English and maths
  • Percentage of students achieving the Ebacc
  • Destinations – the number of children who successfully move onto further education, training or employment