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Anti Bullying

At Northwood, we have a zero tolerence to bullying.  We believe that no pupil should have to put up with bullying. Each pupil has the right to feel, and be, safe while at school. This is important for the pupil's well being and also because children who feel safe learn more easily. If pupils are bullied it is not their fault and they should not feel embarrassed or guilty.


Bullying in schools is against the law which means that victims of bullying and harassment could seek redress using various aspects of legislation. Due to the relationship which exists between the school and its pupils, there is a legal duty of care to ensure that pupils come to no harm.
The purpose of our anti-bullying policy is to reduce to an absolute minimum the amount of bullying which occurs. Recognising that bullying may and can happen is the first step in making sure that the school is safe. We will do our best to prevent it and to deal effectively with it if it happens.
We will treat all incidents of bullying seriously and in a consistent way. We intend to educate bullies so that they stop bullying. We will definitely punish bullies if we need to in order to stop them from bullying, but in many situations we will be able to stop the bullying without punishment. Where appropriate, we will work with pupils who have been bullied to help them develop the self esteem and the skills to discourage others from bullying them.

Please click here to view our Anti Bullying Policy