Northwood Sixth Form Prospectus

Sixth Form Prospectus

Welcome 2 “I want to congratulate Northwood School for achieving great results for the students in your school. I want other schools to learn from your good practice.” Sadiq Khan Mayor of London Our aim is simple - to support students to reach their full potential. Northwood School is one of the best schools in the country. Our results place us in the top 5% of state schools nationally at GCSE and our A*-B at A Level is 20% above national average. This means that young people who come to Northwood make better progress than in almost any other state secondary school in the country. Our Sixth Form focuses on academic excellence and preparing students for university education. We have a dedicated and passionate team of well-qualified and highly-skilled staff who provide a wide range of A Level courses. Outstanding teaching enables our students to become creative thinkers and develop a love of learning. Students are encouraged to become independent learners; however, a real strength of the school is the small class sizes at A-Level which allow students to develop their own ideas and voice in a supportive environment. Alongside our reputation for academic excellence, we also pride ourselves on our outstanding pastoral care, providing a very positive environment in which students thrive. Our 6th form facilities are on a par with many universities and inspire students to make the most of their new found independence. The Northwood Diploma has been developed to ensure students have a first class framework to develop their wider reading and enrichment alongside their community work- it is the ideal platform for students to showcase their leadership and community work and supports the university application process from day one of Year 12. The choice of where to spend your two years of 6th form is so important in terms of setting you up for the hugely competitive world of Post 16 study and employment. At Northwood we provide the structures and guidance to ensure that you secure the right outcome for your abilities. Mehul Shah Headteacher Mission Statement Our mission is to be a happy, successful school where every individual is enabled to full their potentia. We will promote the highest academic standards, a love of learning, excellent enrichment opportunities, good citizenship and the consideration of others. Students will leave us as well-qualified, emotionally intelligent, broad-minded, capable young adults ready to take their place in society and to lead fulfilling lives.

Teaching & Learning 3 At the heart of what enables us to achieve high academic standards is the quality of our teaching. Teaching and Learning at Northwood is outstanding. Teachers plan meticulously and have the belief that every student can succeed. Our high expectations create an environment where students make exceptional progress. We also have a consistent approach to Teaching and Learning that ensures high standards across all departments and subject areas. We provide a broad and balanced Sixth Form curriculum and are fully staffed with specialist teachers who teach with passion and enthusiasm. Students are encouraged to be independent and creative, independent study is used effectively to support learning beyond the classroom. Our whole school approach to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education ensures that our students are ready make a positive contribution to the wider community and adult life. “I am delighted with my daughter’s progress at Northwood. She has made fantastic progress both socially and academically thanks to the dedication and skills of the staff.” Parent A* - A 30.4% A* - B 70.3% A* - C 91.9% A* - D 100% A* - E 100% % of students achieving grades AAB or better 25% A Level Results

Northwood Diploma We value our reputation as an exceptionally caring school where each child is looked after as an individual. Students at Northwood Sixth Form take part in a wide range of non-qualification activities which support them in developing a range of “soft skills”. Unique to Northwood School; all Year 12 students are guided and supported to build up experiences outside of the classroom to develop them as well rounded and infomed citizens, equipped with the skills are experiences that are so desirable when applying for competitive universities and jobs. Progress through this programme is carefully tracked by form tutors and the 6th form team and helps to encourage time management and leadership skills. The Diploma focusses on four strands: Community Service Students give back to the community and develop their interpersonal skills through; volunteering in the local community, supporting in lessons, prefect duties, running clubs and societies. Intellectual Curiosity Students develop their learning beyond the classroom through wider reading, attending lectures, completing Future Learn Courses, attending Oxbridge enrichment, Electives and watching TED talks. Work Experience / Career Preparation All students in year 12 complete 5 days (minimum) of valuable work experience. Students are expected to apply for this themselves, but are supported by the sixth form team in finding and securing a meaningful work experience placement. Extra Curricular This can be both in or outside of school. See enrichment for further details about our extra curricular opportunities. This independent project helps students to develop their skills and learning beyond the classroom. It is unique to our Sixth Form and we have seen how it helps students in their future preparation and planning as well as developing them as lifelong learners. 4

5 “Students enjoy the opportunities to take responsibility and widen their experience through the Northwood Sixth Form Diploma” Ofsted Leadership It is not just academic progress, but students’ holistic development that is prized at Northwood. Students have access to a wide range of enrichment opportunities, whether that be clubs and societies, external speakers, trips or university visits Extra-Curricular Offer Our students in Sixth Form continue to partake in our rich extra curricular offer at Northwood including Chess, Netball, Stonewall. Many students take up the opportunity to set up and run societies and clubs of their own including MedSoc society. We also have an offering of some clubs across the school which Sixth Form are invited to attend as well as Sixth Form only clubs. Trips We offer a number of curriculum based trips such as fieldwork trips for Geography. Each year we run an international Sixth Form trip, recently we enjoyed the cultural experiences of Paris. Sixth Form life is enriched with a variety of activities and visits including all Year 12s taking part in a University visit as part of their induction programme. Student Leadership Our students are leaders and role models in the school. Students take an active role in the running of the Sixth Form, lead the whole-school student council and support our younger students through leading a wide range of clubs, peer mentoring, sports leadership, paired reading and supporting in lessons. The Brilliant Club Students apply to complete a universitystyle assignment, tutored by a PhD student. Great for uni applications! Extended Project Qualification Students must apply to complete a largely self-directed project. Gain important skills, universities love these, and they are worth extra UCAS points (half an A Level). Peer Education Project All of year 12 are trained and supported to deliver a 5 week course of lessons for y7 students on mental health and wellbeing. Students develop presentation and leadership skills. Enrichment

The School Day 6 “The hard work and care of the pastoral team has made a huge difference to me and my children. They are committed and willing to go the extra mile. I have found them incredibly supportive and am hugely grateful.” Parent Students attend school full-time, 8.30am-3.00pm (or until 4:00pm if they have a Period 6 lesson). The day starts with Form Time so that tutors can support students daily and distribute necessary information. There are five lessons each of one hour. Students will have study periods on their timetable when they do not have a lesson, they will need to sign in with the Learning Supervisor in these sessions and work in the study areas. All students are expected to use their study periods effectively and complete at least five hours of independent study per subject per week – so time management is extremely important. Students have PE once a week as part of their timetable where there are a wide range of activities on offer. Students also have 1 lesson of PSHCE per week to support students with a wide range of input about careers, health and preparing for life after school Facilities At Northwood we have state of the art facilities across the school as well as a dedicated Sixth Form Centre. Our Sixth Form Centre has a large, vibrant common room, with a kitchen, as well as dedicated classrooms for A Level study. Our study room is a large area equipped with chromebooks for students to access during their study periods, resources for learning, as well as break out rooms where students can work collaboratively in groups. In the Sixth Form we recognise students are young adults and respond to this by providing greater freedom. However, it is also important to maintain high levels of support and have monitoring procedures in place to ensure that with this greater freedom standards and progress do not slip.

Outstanding Futures 7 In Northwood Sixth Form, our students achieve excellent results and go o‡ to many of the most prestigious universities and degree apprenticeship providers in the country. We prepare students for their future destinations through a programme that enables students to be successful in gaining offers to the universities of their choice as well as offering tailored support for anyone interested in applying for higher and degree level apprenticeships. Dedicated staff are on hand for specific support and advice for Oxbridge, Medicine/Veterinary/Dentistry and other highly competitive applications as well as 1:1 mentoring and support for apprenticeship applications. We have a dedicated programme which starts in Year 12 to prepare for their future pathways. This continues in year 13 where students specialise and confirm their choices in their applications. Support provided includes: • Regular updates giving information about opportunities to attend a variety of taster courses, insight days and careers events • One to one appointment with a trained Careers Advisor • University Visits (included as part of Year 12 induction) • Visits to University Fairs • An in-house careers fair • A variety of higher education and employer talks throughout the year • Attendance at sessions run by our Regional Coordinator through the ‘Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge’ programme • Mock interviews • Bespoke support from organisations such as Uptree and Pathways CTM D* - D 80% BTEC Results

8 Induction to Sixth Form All students starting in Year 12 take part in a week of induction in the summer of year 11 and then start year 12 with an ‘Induction Trip.’ This involves the whole of Year 12 taking part in a team building trip during the week of the school year to help both the current and new students to get to know each other as well as taking part in various activities to develop team work, independence and leadership skills.

5 “Students enjoy the opportunities to take responsibility and widen their experience through the Northwood Sixth Form Diploma” Ofsted Entry Requirements Northwood Sixth Form o‡ers a wide range of A Level courses. We recommend that students take 3 subjects, while some choose to take 4. STUDENTS MUST HAVE AT LEAST A GCSE GRADE 5 OR ABOVE IN MATHS AND ENGLISH If you are reading a digital version of this prospectus, please click here to see our full range of courses and entry requirments. If you have a paper copy of this prospectus, please use this link - https://www. or scan the QR Code below As per the ESFA guidance for funded education for 16 to 19 year olds, the core aim of Northwood’s study programme is the completion of three A Level courses. 9 In order to begin any of the A Level courses offered by Northwood Sixth Form, students must meet the entry requirements for each subject at GCSE. Conditional offers for the Sixth Form will be confirmed upon receipt of GCSE results.

Northwood School | Pinner Road Northwood | HA6 1QN | 01923 836363 We are delighted to offer tours of the school for prospective parents. Please telephone the school on 01923 836363 to arrange a mutually convenient time