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Northwood Sixth Form Diploma


Unique to Northwood School, all Northwood Sixth Formers are working towards their Northwood Diploma. This offers Sixth Form Students a wealth of enrichment experiences which develop their independence and resilience.  Crucially it allows them to acquire skills which they will need beyond the classroom and in the world of work.

The diploma is made up of three strands:

  • Community Service (Citizens, community volunteering, prefect duties, running clubs/enrichment)
  • Intellectual Curiosity (wider reading, reading from reading lists, attending lectures, attending Oxbridge enrichment, Electives, Future Learn Courses)
  • Work Experience / career preparation (work experience, university trips, summer courses, work, CV writing)

Links to help you with the Northwood Diploma:

  1. Gresham lectures
  2. Future Learn Courses
  3. Wider reading list by subject 2020:
    Click here to view list