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At Northwood, we know that excellent attendance is vital to the success of our students.

Click here to view our Attendance Policy.

As part of our Attendance Policy, we are required to inform you of our approach to exceptional leave. Click here to read more.

Reporting an absence

If a student is unable to attend school due to illness or for another authorised reason, parents should contact the school on the morning of absence, before 9.00am.

Phone: 01923 836363.

Email: office@nwschool.org.uk

Acceptable reasons for absence include:

  • Illness with medical evidence (if requested by the school)
  • Medical emergency including dental emergencies
  • Employment or education related interviews approved in advance by the school
  • Days exclusively set apart for religious observance, approved in advance by the school

Parents should avoid making non-emergency medical or dental appointments during the school day as this will impact on their child’s overall attendance. Where there is an unavoidable appointment, please contact the Attendance Officer in advance and ensure that photocopies can be taken as evidence of the appointment.

Unacceptable reasons for absence would include:

Excessive illness without medical evidence, family holidays, looking after siblings, carrying out chores in the family home, birthdays or anniversaries, festivals unless they are religious observance days, general trips, sporting events, any form of employment during school hours including working in a family business, whether or not the student is paid.

Absences for the above reasons will be coded as unauthorised absence and may be subject to a fine by the Local Authority.